How to Get Rid of Dark Underarms Overnight

Raising your arm to grab on to the hanging handle in a train and discovering that half the commuters on the train have caught sight of your discoloured armpits can be one of the most embarrassing situations. This embarrassment has resulted in more and more women (and men) switching their sleeveless tops for sleeved ones. But in this warm weather that Singapore lives with throughout the year, is this solution feasible? Because of how most of us are extremely mindful about how we look and dress, this discolouration of the armpits could cause plenty of insecurity and implant doubts in the deepest and darkest areas of our minds. Thankfully, you do not have to deal with this problem for long since there are solutions to this confidence-shaking problem. Keep reading to discover how you can leave these issues behind.


Why Do Dark Underarms Happen?

In general, your underarms ought to be in a similar shade as the rest of your body. However, for a percentage of the population, the skin of their armpits could turn a darker hue. If you were to ask a medical professional for the low down, they would explain that it is the quick multiplication of pigment cells in your skin that would lead to dark armpits. As an added nugget of information, this condition is commonly regarded as Acanthosis Nigricans(AN) within the medical community — so don’t be surprised when you hear this term making the rounds in conversations.

Now with the understanding that our dark pits are caused by an excess of pigment cells, there are certain habits or conditions that could further this issue. Take the time to understand them and see if you can make some changes to prevent this issue from happening.

1. Obesity

First up on the list of possible factors causing darkening of the skin is obesity. Not only does obesity put you at risk of many serious health issues like heart disease and Type 2 diabetes, it also affects your body image by making you appear stockier in size. Some might ask why would being overweight cause your pits to appear less fair; this would be because of how those dealing with obesity would become more resistant to insulin that is responsible for regulating our blood sugar levels. When that happens, there would be a much higher level of insulin in the blood and that has been found to increase the formation of skin pigment cells. To put that into simpler terms, obesity would increase the amount of insulin in your blood and that would subsequently increase the amount of skin pigment cells, causing the appearance of dark armpits. To sidestep this issue, a clear and obvious solution would be to move towards a wholesome lifestyle that prioritises exercising regularly and eating well to keep your figure slim and trim.

2. Genetics

Unfortunately, you would have to blame your parents and ancestors for this. It has been found that acanthosis nigricans is a trait that could run through the family lines. If you have parents with this issue, there would be a much higher likelihood that you would encounter the same since it affects you genetically. As much as we would like to share helpful advice with you, there isn’t much you can do in prevention with regards to those that arise from your genetics.

3. Bad Shaving Habits

The little things that you do in your day-to-day life matters as well. Just think about what happens when you shave your pits  — each time you glide your razor over those delicate skin, you run the risk of irritating it and causing inflammation which could result in even darker discolouration. This would be worsened when you shave every two to three days, causing more friction to be generated and encouraging the regeneration of pigment cells that cause dark underarms. You are in luck since there are plenty of options to remove those unsightly strands of hair at your pits. Try waxing or even laser hair removal as an effective solution to your unwanted hair woes.

4. Use Of Deodorant

Deodorant is regarded as an essential personal care before we start our workday, to keep the emanating body odour away and replace that with a pleasant scent. However, some of these spritz on or roll-on products contain chemicals within that might steer us away from our goals of fair underarms, since they could contribute to discolouration. This is especially so for those who have a much darker skin tone contributed by higher production of melanin. Instead of opting for roll-on deodorants, challenge yourself to better hygiene instead by cleaning up regularly or switch to using natural deodorants that do not contain high levels of chemicals.


Which Remedies Would Give You Overnight Results?

1. Exfoliators

One of the simplest tasks that you could bring to your skincare routine would be the use of exfoliating scrubs or detoxifying agents to remove the dead cells that gather at your underarms. Because of how your sweat glands work harder than other parts of the body, there is a higher chance that it would accumulate sweat and dirt and they could cause that area of skin to darken. When you are looking out for your next scrub with exfoliating properties, search out for those with ingredients like activated charcoal and tea tree oil that would help lighten your skin and keep them odour and microbe-free.

2. Off-the-Shelf Whitening Creams

Often touted as a convenient way of helping with underarm whitening, the creams can easily be obtained off-the-shelf from the pharmacy or with a prescription from a medical professional. But before you swipe off the first cream you see on the counter, you need to know that not all creams are considered to be safe. This is because the products have varying amounts of glycolic acid in them. Since there are no strict regulations at the moment, reading the ingredient list is a must before you bring the cream home with you. Some creams are also known to contain mercury and that has seen many encounter issues like anaemia, renal failure and even further discolouration from the use of these products that are believed to help with skin whitening.

3. DIY Home Remedies

Home remedies have been found to work and some of these DIY projects can be easily accessed on the net  — like a honey charcoal paste that can be concocted with a tablespoon of honey mixed with the powder from three activated charcoal tablets. After smearing the blend onto your skin for 10—20 minutes, rinse the paste off thoroughly. You would soon discover that your underarm would look brighter and lighter in tone after regular use. This is credited to honey’s role as a natural bleaching agent that releases hydrogen peroxide to help with the lightening of the concerned area of your body. Other home remedies that have made the rounds for the relieving of dark underarms are the use of cucumber slices for their skin lightening properties, and even almond oil for their potent phytochemicals which help brighten the skin in that delicate area.

4. Intense Pulsed Light Therapy

If you are looking for an effective way to deal with the pigmentation of the skin at the underarms, the laser underarm whitening treatment is definitely a first-choice option for many. How that is done is through targeting those problematic areas with high-intensity pulses of light — the absorbed heat converted from the light would break down the pigments, and the little fragments of pigmentation would then leave the skin naturally and quickly as waste. At the end of the session, you will find your skin much brighter and fairer, while the texture of your skin would be smooth with an even tone throughout.


What Happens During IPL Underarm Whitening Treatment?

As mentioned earlier, IPL is an extremely effective procedure for eliminating any discolouration of that particular area. In simplified terms, the whitening procedure works by directing intense pulsed light from an applicator onto the target areas. Because of how the pigment cells in your skin naturally absorb the light energy and turn them into heat, that warm heat would break up the undesired pigmentation that causes discolouration.

When you are at the aesthetic clinic, everything is ascertained from your pre-treatment to post-treatment since the seasoned specialists know exactly how to prep you up and ensure that no complications would arise from your procedure.

  1. At the start of the procedure, you will be asked to put on a pair of goggles to protect your eyes from the high intensity of light.
  2. Following which, the specialist would apply a cool gel onto your underarms for greater comfort, reducing chances of abrasion or unnecessary tugging from the applicator and your skin.
  3. Depending on the size of the treated area, you can expect to be occupied for the next 15 to 30 minutes.
  4. Do not be surprised if you encounter a warm and tingling sensation during the session — that would be the treatment doing its work on your pigment cells within the skin.


Why Should You Choose IPL Underarm Whitening?

There would come a point in time when women (and men) would feel their dark underarms are hindering them from realising their best beauty appearance and when that happens, it is time to look for alternatives to solve this issue. While some are content with using whitening creams and DIY home recipes, these solutions may not give one the most distinct and lasting improvements. For that, more people with the woes are turning to professional help. By seeking professional help at an aesthetic clinic, they save time and effort in their pursuit towards bright and fair-looking armpits. If you are still unsure, here are a few reasons why you should seriously consider opting for IPL underarm whitening.

1. Easy & Straight Forward

If you have heard about the IPL procedure, you would know that it is exceptionally fuss-free. From start to finish, your specialist would do all the work for you to ensure that you are all prepped up, both comfortable and ready for the procedure. As compared to other underarm lightening procedures, the stress of accidental mishaps would be removed as you are in the safe hands of your experienced specialist. Another plus point would be the proven results following the treatment plan — however, you have to take heed of the advice given by your specialists for any post-treatment instructions and the attending of any subsequent sessions for maximum results.

2. Safety is Assured

You can heave a sigh of relief. This whitening procedure would not lead to any permanent scarring since the light rays would not penetrate too deep into your skin and inflict any damage to the dermis layer.

3. You Wouldn’t Wince in Pain

This might be a common worry of most who aren’t unaware of what goes behind the curtains at aesthetic clinics. But you wouldn’t have to worry for long. Through the Intense Pulsed Light treatment, you will be able to target your dark areas with minimal fuss. Most customers encounter a slight sensation of heat and a light sensation that can be described as a light flick of a rubber band on your wrist.

4. Expect No Downtime

The miraculous thing about this whitening treatment is that there is practically no downtime involved. That is why most aesthetic clinics welcome customers to come by during their lunch hour since they could return to work or their routine straight from the treatment room. It has to be noted that some clients might encounter some redness on the skin, but this is not a sign to be alarmed.


Bottom Line

To solve the issue of dark armpits, you will have to recognise and understand the underlying factors like health conditions, lifestyle habits or even family history to better treat this problem. While it might seem like a tough ask, changing up your bad habits is the next step to smooth and clear skin. Following which, you can look out for underarm pigmentation procedures as detailed above to rid yourself of the problem.

Out of all the options presented, the IPL underarm whitening procedure ranks as the highest for its ability to rid the skin of pigmentation with lesser inconvenience and pain, yet promise lasting results if you abide by the post-treatment plan. If you are still in deliberation, speak to the friendly specialists at Geo Aesthetics today and they will recommend the best option for you.