How to Permanently Get Rid of Dark Circles

Have you been pulling too many all-nighters, only find dark eye circles staring right back at you in the mirror? Welcome to the club.

Singaporeans are known to lead hectic lifestyles that these unflattering shadows have become quite the epidemic. Relying on colour-correcting makeup on a daily basis can also be rather tedious and will do nothing to resolve the issue. If this speaks to you, more permanent ways of reducing their appearance may be a step in the right direction. Read on to find out more about dark eye circle treatment in Singapore.


What Causes Dark Eye Circles?

The appearance of eye rings is not always due to the same cause. For some individuals, it could have resulted from a combination of more than one of them, ranging from the following:

  • Dilated blood vessels and increased blood flow
  • Thinner layer of skin
  • Increased pigmentation known as melanin
  • Eyebags and wrinkles

There are also at least six major factors behind a darkened complexion beneath the eyes:

1. Unhealthy Sleeping Habits

Sleep deprivation is the most commonly known contributing factor. When one has not had enough sleep, fluid can accumulate and lead to puffy eyebags. This can also draw attention to dark blood vessels or tissues that are more obvious when the upper layer of the skin appears pale-looking as a result of sleep deprivation.

2. Allergies

An allergic reaction can trigger the release of chemicals in your body to combat the cause of the allergy. The sufferer may then experience redness, itching, puffiness around the eyes as well as dilation of blood vessels, all of which can lead to shadows underneath the eyes. In this case, one should seek immediate medical attention from a doctor.

3. Medication

Medications that are classified as vasodilators can cause the dilation of blood vessels and an increase in the flow of blood, which can also raise the odds of these shadows.

4. Smoking

Smoking may lead to rings beneath your peepers in two ways. Firstly, the chemicals from each puff of cigarette can damage the elasticity of the skin by destroying the structural integrity of collagen as well as interfere with their production levels. Smoking may also ruin healthy sleeping patterns, thus increasing the smoker’s chances of developing a dull-looking set of eyes.

5. Age & Sun Exposure

Our skin tends to thin as we age, revealing a pool of darker blood vessels around the eyes, as well as lead to saggy skin which can draw attention to the appearance of dark circles. This can also be accelerated by overexposure to the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays, which can damage the structural integrity of the layer of collagen. Moreover, sun exposure can greatly increase the production of melanin, darkening the area under the eyes.

6. Genetics

They may also be hereditary in nature. If panda eyes run in the family, the individual becomes far more likely to inherit the gene that can lead to these shadows. This could either be due to excessive pigmentation or a thinner layer of skin.


Dark Eye Circles Removal Methods

Fortunately, unflattering dark rings are not something that you would have to live with forever. A growing body of research has now led to a wide variety of treatments that are able to brighten a dull-looking pair of eyes. The amount of time required for each treatment to work can vary from individual to individual. Do consult a qualified dermatologist who is able to advise you on the right course of action, which may include one or more methods below:

1. Eye Creams

Over-the-counter eye creams that are targeted towards treating eye rings are now ubiquitous. One would simply have to head down to a pharmacy to purchase them. Those that contain sodium ascorbate (or vitamin C) aim to thicken the layer of skin under your eyes by encouraging collagen production. Meanwhile, products with either kojic acid or niacinamide are meant to inhibit melanin production.

2. High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU)

Often simply referred to as HIFU, high-intensity focused ultrasound treatment stimulates the production of collagen using ultrasound. This non-invasive procedure will thicken the layer of skin underneath your eyes, resolving dark circles caused by blood vessels that are more obvious when you have thin skin. For best results, it may be necessary to partake in several HIFU sessions, taken over a duration of at least six months. The machine for the procedure that is used also matters. For instance, ultherapy is a type of HIFU treatment that can penetrate layers deep within your skin but it may cause discomfort, visible swelling, and redness.

3. Vascular Laser

This non-invasive treatment uses a laser that aims to constrict dilated blood vessels. Some aesthetic clinics combine HIFU and vascular laser treatments since these methods complement each other.

4. Pigmentation Laser

Unlike vascular laser, pigmentation laser specifically targets pigment cells without affecting the surrounding tissue. This method is most effective for patients whose dark circles are caused by a buildup of a pigment known as melanin, rather than puffiness or thin skin.

5. Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are mildly invasive procedures that involve injecting soft ingredients such as hyaluronic acid. These fill up gaps and even out saggy, wrinkled skin that can lead to the illusion of eye rings. They may also be used in conjunction with HIFU treatment, especially if ageing is the cause of rings beneath the eyes.

6. Dark Eye Circle Removal Surgery

The most invasive method yet involves surgery. This option is most suitable for patients who have dark circles as a result of puffy eyebags. During this procedure, the surgeon will remove excess fat and skin around the eyes to give the patient a more youthful appearance. However, surgery typically requires longer downtime periods and are riskier.


Post Dark Eye Ring Treatment Aftercare Tips

Following your treatment, you need to be extra diligent when it comes to caring for your eye area. Otherwise, all the positive changes that have been made could be undone and those shadows may reappear. Be sure to heed the following tips:

  • Avoid saunas, hot tubs, exercise, tanning beds, and steam rooms for a few days.
  • Use a sunscreen with at least SPF 30 on a daily basis.
  • Avoid harsh facial cleansers within a few days of the procedure.
  • Steer clear of consuming excessive alcohol or salt to prevent swelling.
  • Do not rub your eyes, especially if you opt for dermal fillers or surgery.

Your dermatologist will also be able to instruct you on how to care for your eyes after each treatment. This is most pertinent if you opt for a more invasive procedure such as surgery. Please ask if you have any doubts or concerns.


The Bottomline

Given the variety of treatments that are available in the market, you may feel understandably lost. Fret not, however, since the dermatologist will be able to advise you on the right one for you, based on your skin condition.

You should also ensure that you continue to take the right preventative measures, including getting sufficient sleep, quitting smoking, and applying sunscreen on a daily basis. Combining these with the right treatment will be able to help you permanently get rid of unsightly dark circles once and for all.