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4 Flaws of Fraxel Laser in Singapore

Acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, and wrinkles affect dozens of women in Singapore. While creams and serums can help to brighten your tone, there are rarely any topical products that guarantee to eliminate such acute conditions. Some women turn to a popular form of method called fraxel laser to get rid of undesirable marks, and lines. Although it can deliver good results, there are certain disadvantages when it comes to this procedure.

1. Apart from prolonged redness and swelling, it can cause the appearance of whiteheads following the procedure.

2. Other unpleasant side effects that may occur include pimple depressions, as well as darkening caused by hyperpigmentation.

3. Furthermore, it typically requires multiple sessions in order to fully notice the results.

4. Even then, it is not able to cure more severe or permanent issues. At Geo Aesthetics, we offer an alternative that is quicker, safer, and more effective. The method can work just as well, if not even better, in eliminating unsightly pits.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does fraxel laser in Singapore work?

It works by forming tiny “microthermal” regions deep into the skin. The surface then forces these old, damaged columns of cells out and restores it with new complexion. The procedure is commonly used to resolve sun damage, subtle signs of ageing, and mild acne holes. Despite the popularity of this procedure, it does come with certain disadvantages, which are covered below.


2. What are some common flaws?

It has its fair share of flaws, especially when it comes to undesirable side effects. A common side effect of it is swelling, which can last for a few days. While the swelling may be mild, it can be intense in some cases. In addition, the surface might develop whiteheads or tiny white bumps as a result of the laser.

There may also be a risk of holes, scaling, and hyperpigmentation. Scarring as a result of this process can alter the texture by leaving unsightly impressions and depressions on it. Within the first few days of the session, the surface will likely experience scaling or flaking, as well as discolouration due to hyperpigmentation.

While every client has different needs, which will determine the number of sessions, it typically requires multiple sessions (sometimes up to seven sessions) to observe the desired outcome. This might not be a suitable option for those who would like to see results at a quicker rate. Generally, more sessions can also translate to higher fees.


3. What should I consider before undergoing fraxel laser in Singapore?

Besides the risks and side effects, there are other things you should note about this method. In general, it is not used to cure a broad range of concerns or deep-set conditions. Instead, it is more effective on superficial fine lines and minor issues like mild dark spots.

Most notably, you should be aware that there are other forms of options available in Singapore. You do not have to limit yourself to achieve flawless look!


4. Why should I opt for your alternative treatment?

When it comes to solving aesthetic issues, there are other options available. For instance, the service provided at Geo Aesthetics is an effective non-invasive procedure that can cure a variety of concerns which it cannot. If you want to banish pimple pits, deep wrinkles, textural issues caused by ageing, and fine lines, our advanced procedure can deliver great results.

Targeting the deeper layers, our advanced laser harnesses energy from fractionated laser beams to efface outer layers of damaged surface and jolt collagen production. With stable collagen production, your complexion can begin to repair and renew itself properly, leaving you with a firmer and more radiant complexion. The technology involved in this method is very precise and does not disrupt your surrounding healthy tissues. This allows your complexion to heal faster and more effectively. Furthermore, you are not likely to experience side effects like hyperpigmentation with this process.

The advanced procedure is especially helpful for solving depressed holes, which give you the appearance of unsightly ‘holes’ or ‘pits’ that resemble chicken pox pits or indents caused by fingernails pressing into the surface.


5. How soon can I begin to see results?

Another wonderful benefit is that it generally does not require as many sessions for you to start seeing results. While clients require multiple sessions, it can have almost immediate effects. After the first session, you can start to see a more rejuvenated appearance than before.

As the procedure is designed to stimulate natural collagen production in you, you can continue to see healthier-looking complexion and diminished pits over several months. With a proper skincare regime, you can continue to reap the positive and lasting effects of  the procedure throughout many more years.


6. What is the recovery like?

In general, the surface on your face can heal faster than anywhere else on your body. You will be glad to know that there is minimal downtime with this process. While your skin may feel a little ‘sunburnt’ within 24 hours following the session, you can simply use ice packs periodically to minimise the sensation. The rate of healing will depend on how extensive your procedure is. Our experienced and qualified therapists will be able to give you comprehensive post-treatment instructions.