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5 Dangers of Chin Fillers in Singapore

A short and stubby face can give your face a plump appearance. As it takes away definition from your jawline, you may not be able to enjoy having a beautiful V-shaped or almond-shaped face. Many people yearn to have a slimmer face with a well-defined jawline, which is universally considered as youthful, feminine, and appealing. To achieve this look, some women may opt to get chin fillers. While it may be a popular way to achieve a sharper face, such procedures do come with several risks.

1. The visual outcome might not be up to your expectations due to poor skills.

2. As they need to be injected into your skin, there may be a risk of swelling and infection from the invasive penetration.

3. If your body does not react well to the substance, your skin might also become discoloured.

4. Moreover, nodular masses can form as a result.

5. In some cases, these injections can cause nerve or vascular damage, which may lead to a life-threatening embolism. Fortunately, you do not need to get risky procedures for an appealing visage. At Geo Aesthetics, we offer a safe, non-invasive alternative.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do people get chin fillers in Singapore?

Many people adopt various makeup techniques using bronzing powders to obtain the illusion of a more chiselled face. While this is relatively a more affordable option, the entire makeup application process is time-consuming and the results are simply temporary. Likewise, facial exercises and over-the-counter creams may not always be the most effective solution to achieving a slender and proportionate face. That being the case, injections seem to be a popular choice for people who are looking to alter their facial features in a more prominent way.


2. How do chin fillers usually work?

It typically involves injecting the face with tiny quantities of dermal fillers that contain ingredients like hyaluronic acid. Topical anaesthesia is usually applied to minimise discomfort from the needle, and up to two injections may be made in the chin area. They generally last between six and 12 months, as the substance will eventually be absorbed by the body. Therefore, it is recommended that once you start getting the injections, you should schedule follow-up treatments so as to upkeep your appearance.


3. What are the dangers and risks?

Although they are not “surgical” in nature, the procedure is still considered invasive as the surface will be penetrated by a needle. Due to that fact, there is certainly a range of potential risks and side effects for patients. The most common side effects are swelling, bruising, and infections.

On that note, they can also spark dangerous complications, one of which is irreversible nerve damage. As they comprise a variety of substances, you never know if your body might react negatively to any one of them.

Furthermore, a slight misstep by the professional carrying out the procedure can result in the filler being injected into an artery. This is extremely dangerous as the substance can block your blood flow, leading to permanent conditions like loss of hearing or eyesight. Lumps can also develop if the substance is not properly distributed in your treated areas. Overall, the effects can be rather scary and permanent, so it is best to explore the range of options available if you want to obtain a well-defined chin.


4. What is the best alternative to chin fillers in Singapore?

Considering the list of dangers and risks, you might want to explore other options that do not require injections or complicated substances. At Geo Aesthetics, we offer a non-surgical and non-invasive treatment that is completely safe.

Our revolutionary face slimming treatment taps on the latest technology to deliver non-invasive energy in order to tighten your elasticity and break down stubborn fat cells. The controlled energy will boost your collagen and elastin synthesis by triggering your body’s self-repair mechanism.

At the same time, the delivered energy will increase tissue temperature and break down stubborn fats into glycerol and free fatty acids. The free fatty acids will go through the bloodstream and be eliminated by the body naturally. All in all, you can expect to achieve tighter skin in your chin area and an overall slimmer visage through the treatment.


5. What can I expect during your procedure?

After an assessment by our qualified therapists, an appropriate handpiece will be chosen for your targeted areas. Your skin will be primed with gentle cleansers before the procedure. During the procedure, a handheld applicator will be placed, and you will start to feel a gentle warming sensation. The applicator will be moved around your targeted areas in a steady and uniform motion. The procedure can last anywhere between 10 and 20 minutes. Thereafter, the surface will be cleansed and moisturised, and your therapist will provide you with simple post-treatment instructions. Including pre- and post-treatment steps, you can expect to set aside around 45 minutes for one session.


6. Can the results of your procedure last long?

Yes, our advanced face slimming treatment can indeed deliver long-lasting results. The amazing thing about the treatment is that there will be enhanced collagen and elastic fibre generation. Therefore, your skin will continually improve and firm up over a period of time. Additionally, the treatment is designed to break down the fat cells around your face, and these free fatty acids will be permanently and naturally eliminated from your body through the metabolic process. While you may be required to undergo several sessions to achieve the most optimum outcome, you can rest assured that the treatment will be absolutely safe and effective.