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5 Disadvantages of Thermage in Singapore

A youthful-looking look is one of the most coveted features amongst women. This is why many women have chosen to undergo facelift treatments to counteract the signs of ageing. One of the facelift procedures some women opt for is thermage, which taps on radiofrequency energy to heat up deeper layers, triggering collagen generation. While this procedure is fairly popular around the world, this particular procedure has a few disadvantages.

1. Firstly, this treatment is a rather slow process and will usually take at least half a year for results to appear.

2. Moreover, some patients have said that the results end up being barely noticeable.

3. In addition, the procedure may work well for minimising fine lines but it typically will not get rid of stubborn fatty deposits that sit around the area. This means that you will have to add on another service if you want to achieve a sharper look.

4. In terms of side effects, patients have a risk of experiencing scarring, burning sensations, or blistering.

5. The procedure can also cause irregularity in the surface. If you are looking for an alternative treatment, our advanced facelift treatment might be your best option.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does thermage in Singapore usually work?

Your skin is equipped with collagen, which is a protein molecule that gives structural support. As you grow older, your body will produce less collagen and hence, your skin will start to lose its elasticity and firmness. This is when it aims to give your skin a much-needed collagen boost. It involves delivering radiofrequency energy to your skin to activate a thermal effect within its deeper layers. This works to tighten your skin structures and tissues in a bid to reduce wrinkles and droopy skin.


2. What are some disadvantages of thermage in Singapore?

This method has become a fairly popular procedure. However, it does come with a few disadvantages. Firstly, it may not produce quick results and patients will only start to see real changes around six months post-treatment. With that said, these changes are sometimes very minimal, as reported by many patients.

While it may be able to reduce subtle fine lines, it generally does not do anything else. If you want to get rid of extra fatty pockets, it may be futile in that aspect. Patients will usually combine another form of method to achieve a sharper and well-defined look. This method also comes with several side effects, especially if the level of energy used is too intense. Blistering, scarring, and a burning sensation can occur as a result of the process. In some cases, the skin can also develop irregularities on the surface.


3. What is a better alternative to thermage in Singapore?

If you are keen on exploring other options, you can definitely consider the advanced facelift treatment offered at Geo Aesthetics. Our method is completely non-invasive, so you will not have to go through surgical techniques, incisions, needles or anaesthesia.

We tap on non-invasive energy to deliver heat to the structural layers beneath your area. This will cause a controlled thermal effect, which then engages your body’s natural healing process. As a result, your production of collagen and elastic fibres will be greatly enhanced, and your complexion will start to renew itself. Your wrinkles and saggy skin will start to diminish through the procedure.

In addition, the energy delivered will simultaneously warm and break up the fat cells in the areas. After being damaged, these fat cells will be metabolised and then proceed to be discarded through your body’s lymphatic system. This means that you will get to achieve a much sharper and slimmer visage, which will lend more youthfulness and femininity to your overall appearance.

You can opt to treat specific areas or your entire face (and neck) during the process. There is generally no downtime following the procedure and you can immediately resume your daily routines without any issues.


4. What does your facelift treatment feel like?

On the day itself, your assigned therapist will assess, cleanse and prepare you for the procedure. Thereafter, a suitable handpiece will be selected for your targeted areas. Once the process begins, the handheld device will be applied to your targeted areas in a steady and gentle motion.

During this period, you may start to feel a gentle warm tingle on your skin, but the sensation generally does not hurt. After the procedure has been completed, your face will be cleansed and moisturised. One full session may take roughly 45 minutes if you take into account the pre- and post-treatment steps.


5. What results can I expect from your facelift treatment?

While different individuals will experience varying results and progress rates, you can generally expect to notice slight improvements after your first session. Your skin will continue to proliferate collagen and elastic fibres over the next few months, so you may observe more notable differences in as early as two months post-treatment.

Fine lines and wrinkles will be greatly reduced, and your complexion will appear smoother, tighter, and more supple. Depending on how far along you are with your ageing symptoms, you might be required to undergo a few rounds of sessions in order to achieve excellent results.