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5 Reasons Why You Should Not Do Cosmetic Surgery in Singapore

Not everyone is born with a perfectly symmetrical or flawless appearance. As such, it is common for both men and women to find solutions to modify their appearance. Cosmetic surgery is a popular choice for those who want to alter their features, look more attractive, and gain a confidence boost. There are also numerous factors for you to consider before undergoing it.

1. In reality, it is not as simple or miraculous as it may sound.

2. The procedure poses a wide range of side effects, in which the final appearance is damaged and undesired.

3. You should be aware of the potential complications that may arise from such procedure, such as an adverse reaction to anaesthesia. It may also lead to nerve damage, infections, and awful scarring.

4. It may even cause blood clotting, which can result in a life-threatening embolism (when the blood clots separate and travel to your internal organs).

5. You must also consider the post-surgery recovery time, which can take weeks or even months. In today’s modern society, you no longer have to go under the knife or face needles to achieve a more attractive appearance. We offer a completely safe, non-invasive alternative.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does cosmetic surgery usually consist of?

It encompasses a wide range of invasive procedures that aim to modify your appearance and features. The common areas that people want to fix include sagging skin, double chin, round cheeks, wide jawline, and fatty areas around the face and body. Most of these issues can be addressed through procedures such as bone shaving (sawing away at the jaw bone), facial fillers (injecting dermal fillers into the face), cheek and neck lifts (incisions made into the face to correct skin tissues), or liposuction (suctioning fat from the body).

As long as the procedure involves penetration or incisions into your skin, it is considered surgical or invasive in nature. Patients are usually administered anaesthesia before the procedure.


2. Is cosmetic surgery in Singapore worth it?

As popular as it may be, it is not always a recommended solution for everyone. If you suffer from conditions such as obesity, lung or cardiovascular disease, or diabetes, you may face a higher risk of contracting complications.

In general, any form of procedure that requires operations, incisions or penetration will carry a range of risks and complications. These include adverse reactions to anaesthesia, excessive loss of blood, pneumonia, infections, fluid accumulation beneath the skin, and unsightly scarring.

Some patients have reported a permanent loss of sensation or motor control — a side effect commonly caused by nerve damage. In some cases, blood clots may form in the veins and travel to the heart or lungs, leading to a life-threatening embolism.

In addition, it usually requires a long downtime, which can range from a week to several months. This can interfere with your daily life and force you to recuperate indoors for an extended period of time. With all these factors in mind, you might want to think twice about whether it is the most suitable option for you. After all, not everyone will be comfortable with the thought of operation and the potential complications and lengthy recovery period associated with it.


3. What is a better alternative to cosmetic surgery in Singapore?

If you do not want to worry about potential risks and long recovery time, you can opt for a non-invasive procedure instead. Our revolutionary non-invasive treatment is designed to give you a slimmer and younger-looking face, without any form of operation or incisions.

Using non-invasive energy, the treatment works to generate uniform heat beneath your skin’s surface. This triggers a thermal reaction in the skin tissues, which will then activate your body’s natural healing response. As a result, your production of collagen and elastic fibres will be boosted, which leads to the formation of smoother and renewed skin.

This process can simultaneously break down the volume of stubborn fat cells in your targeted areas. The damaged fat cells will then be eliminated through your body’s natural metabolic process. The result is a slimmer and contoured face shape.

The treatment is completely comfortable and safe and does not require any downtime. You do not have to worry about pain, bleeding, infections or scarring as there will be no skin incisions at all. You can choose to target specific areas, such as the cheeks, jawline and eye areas, or contour your whole face.


4. What can I expect during your procedure?

Our qualified therapists will have a discussion with you about your goals and medical history, as well as the process and expected outcome. Once you arrive for your first session, your assigned therapist will assess your skin condition, cleanse your skin, and select the appropriate applicator for your targeted zones.

During the procedure, a handheld applicator will come into contact with your skin, and you will start to feel a gentle warming sensation which is typically painless. The applicator will be moved around your targeted areas in a steady motion and pace. Once the procedure is completed, your skin will be cleansed and moisturised. If you take into account the pre- and post-treatment steps, you can expect to set aside about 45 minutes for a single session.


5. What results can I observe?

For most clients, results can typically show within the first few weeks following their first treatment session. As your body will continually regenerate collagen and discard damaged fat cells for six to nine months post-treatment, you can expect to see more significant improvements over time.

By the end of your treatment course, you may observe a measurable circumferential reduction around your treated areas, as well as tighter and smoother skin. Your therapist will keep a record of the improvements over the course of your treatment, so you will be able to track your monthly progress easily.