Cool Sculpting: Your Effective Body Sculpting Technique

Cool Sculpting: Your Effective Body Sculpting Technique

Have you been sticking to your workout routine and eating like a saint for months, yet have stubborn fat deposited around your tummy, thighs or upper arms? If this is a yes, cryolipolysis is the answer to a slimmer you. In just a few quick and painless sessions, you will see assured and lasting results without any downtime. This treatment eliminates targeted fat cells by freezing them while ensuring surrounding tissues are unharmed. Come experience one of the safest fat removal methods and be spell-bound by results.

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Get ready to realise your own unique transformation with Geo Aesthetics. Our team of seasoned, highly dedicated specialists provide top-notch solutions for all your aesthetic concerns. We ensure that you look your absolute best by walking this fat removal journey with you. Take a look at these real before and after images of those who succeeded in that quest.

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Individual results may vary.

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Individual results may vary.

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Individual results may vary.

Over 25000+ Satisfied Customers

As Singapore’s top-tier body contouring expert, Geo Aesthetics has served more than 25,000 clients — including multiple renowned online and media personalities. We aspire to create lasting impressions with all our customers, business partners and staff. Our aesthetic services are meticulously curated to meet all your individual concerns with professionalism.

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Geo Aesthetics has been recognised by various reputable local publications as a trusted transformation center. We have been featured on Her World, The Straits Times, Cleo, MediaCorp, SPH, Elle, Women’s Weekly and Female. We are deeply honoured by their endorsement of our commitment to meaningful innovation, aesthetic skills and client care.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Am I suitable for cool sculpting?

Our process is most suitable for those seeking to combat exercise-resistant smaller fatty deposits and are not obese. Additionally, it is an excellent alternative for those who wish to avoid surgery, either for personal preference or health issues.


2. How does cool sculpting work?

It works by freezing the fat cells in those areas where excess fatty deposits tend to occur till they naturally break down.


3. Is cool sculpting effective?

Of course it is! You will observe fat-busting results within 3 weeks post-treatment. And the treatment does not end just there. Your body continues to burn and let out fat cells gradually beyond the first 3 weeks, revealing a well defined bodyline within the next 6 months.


4. How invasive is cool sculpting?

It is completely non-invasive and requires no needles or surgery for you to benefit from the fat freezing process.


5. Why should I choose cool sculpting over other procedures?

Our method is found to be 100% safe and have a longer lasting fat removal effect as compared to other methods. Since there is no surgical instrument involved, you wouldn’t have to worry about any surgery-related complications or risks. Moreover, you do not need to consume any supplements at all.


6. How will I feel during a session of cool sculpting?

During the process, you might feel a little numbness or tingling from the cooling gel. But the sensation should only go on for a matter of minutes. Most people actually find no issues with it and use the sessions to catch up on their social media activity or even to rest their eyes.


7. Will I have to be anaesthetised during cool sculpting?

No anaesthesia will be administered to you during the process, thus there is no worry of complications arising from the use of anaesthesia.


8. How soon will I see results after the first cool sculpting session?

You will notice positive changes right after your first session. You will notice a visible removal in excess fat over a period of up to six months after the treatment since frozen fat cells are naturally eliminated from your body.


9. Is there any downtime for cool sculpting?

Not at all. Because of this, some clients even drop in for a quick session during their lunch break and return to the office by the end of their lunch hour. This makes it the most time-efficient way to lose weight.


10. Are there any side effects for cool sculpting?

At the end of the process, you may experience minor side effects such as redness, slight bruising and soreness of the targeted area. Our specialist will massage the treated regions to ease the bruising.


11. How long will the side effects of a cool sculpting treatment last?

Side effects will typically disappear after a few hours once your session ends, but slight bruising may last anytime from 5 to 7 days. Please feel free to consult our specialists regarding any concerns you may have.


12. How long does my session of cool sculpting last?

Your session may last anytime from 45 to 60 minutes depending on the parameters of the areas treated.


13. Can you perform cool sculpting at home?

Unfortunately not. Without a proper machine that could cost in the tens of thousands, you are essentially freezing yourself at your own risk. Those DIY products on the market that aim to replicate the effects may cause you to suffer from side effects like bruising, swelling, cramping and skin sensitivity that can span across numerous weeks. For ease of mind, check in with our team of experienced staff for our services.

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