How Cryolipolysis Helps You Lose Weight

How Cryolipolysis Helps You Lose Weight

Have you been exercising and eating right but still have excess fat stubbornly sticking around? For many people, fat in areas like the stomach and thighs refuses to budge even after maintaining a rigorous workout and diet routine. Sounds all too familiar? It is time to consider an alternative option to remove stubborn flab. You can now definitely see a difference with our scientifically proven fat cooling procedure.

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At Geo Aesthetics, a well-contoured, firm and slim silhouette is achievable. We have trained specialists who truly care about your aesthetic needs and deliver stellar results. Check out the before and after images of those who have gone through the fat removal procedure to attain these extraordinary outcomes.

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Geo Aesthetics is a prominent body shaping boutique based in Singapore. Our exclusive clientele includes promising online influencers and renowned celebrities. We value and honour our clients, partners and staff members. We provide safe, modern and effective solutions for all your skincare and aesthetic needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is cryolipolysis?

It is a revolutionary procedure that uses controlled cooling to effectively remove your body fat, leaving you with the slim figure of your dreams.


2. What makes cryolipolysis safer than surgical options?

This method presents you with no surgical risks such as bleeding or those associated with the use of anaesthesia.


3. How long does a session of cryolipolysis take?

This convenient process takes only an hour. You can even schedule it during your lunch break on a workday.


4. Is cryolipolysis a weight-loss method?

No. Instead, it is designed to boost your weight-loss journey by targeting the last remaining stubborn fat.


5. How effective is cryolipolysis in removing fat?

Research has shown that the procedure can help you eliminate fat by up to 30%.


6. Which areas can cryolipolysis target?

Our procedure can target the abdomen, arms as well as inner and outer thighs.


7. Is my skin type suitable for cryolipolysis?

It is generally safe for all skin types. Do ask our specialists if you are unsure.


8. Who may not be a suitable candidate for cryolipolysis?

Those with certain medical and cold-related conditions may not be suitable for this procedure.


9. I am on my period. Can I undergo cryolipolysis?

For your safety and comfort, it is best to wait until after your cycle is complete.


10. Who is the best candidate for cryolipolysis?

Customers who are within reach of their goals and are willing to stick to a healthy and active lifestyle will see the best results.


11. I have metal body modifications. Can I undergo cryolipolysis?

Unfortunately, no. Please discuss your options with our specialists.


12. How will you assess suitability for cryolipolysis?

Our qualified therapists will carefully review your medical history before further discussing expectations and outcomes.


13. Is any prep necessary for cryolipolysis?

No, but you may check with our consultants for any concerns that are unique to you.


14. How does the cryolipolysis mechanism work?

The applicator will be placed onto a specific area of concern and the fat bulges will be pulled into the vacuum, where you will then feel a cold sensation.


15. What happens to the fat during cryolipolysis?

The procedure lowers fat cell count, and your body later naturally clears them via its lymphatic system.


16. How does cryolipolysis target only fat cells?

It uses controlled cooling to ensure that it targets only fat cells without harming the surrounding tissues. This specificity is possible as fat cells are much more vulnerable to cool temperatures.


17. Can I reschedule my cryolipolysis session?

Yes, you can. You can call the friendly consultants who will be happy to help you find a more suitable date for your treatment.


18. How can I enhance the effectiveness of cryolipolysis?

The results are much more effective with stable body weight. Eat healthily and ensure that you get plenty of exercise and sleep.


19. Will cryolipolysis hurt?

No, it will not hurt. There might be initial discomfort as the tissues are being suctioned, but this will eventually subside as the area begins to numb.


20. Does cryolipolysis come with surgical risks?

No, it does not come with any surgical risks.


21. Does cryolipolysis come with side effects?

There may be some minor side effects such as numbing, localised bruising and temporary redness of the targeted areas. However, these will naturally disappear after some time.


22. Will I need recovery time after cryolipolysis?

Compared to invasive procedures like liposuction, there is no need for recovery time.


23. Do I need to avoid any activities after undergoing cryolipolysis?

No, you may continue with all your regular activities on the very same day.


24. How will my body feel after the cryolipolysis session?

Our customers tend to feel some soreness, as if they have worked out, but none have reported any interference with their activities.


25. Will cryolipolysis allow me to eat freely?

Generally, you are still recommended to lead a healthy lifestyle to see the best results.


26. Will I get a medical certificate after cryolipolysis?

No, as it requires no downtime.


27. How will I feel during a cryolipolysis session?

You may feel intense cold for several minutes, which can be uncomfortable at first. But this will fade, and you will feel quite comfortable later on.


28. Do I need to keep up a healthy lifestyle after cryolipolysis?

Yes, we strongly recommend a healthy diet as well as sufficient sleep and exercise.

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