How You Can Get Rid of Pimples

How You Can Get Rid of Pimples

For anyone who experiences frequent breakouts, you might always be searching for ways to remove acne. There are many DIY hacks and topical creams out there that promise clearance of this condition. However, they are rarely long-term or effective solutions to eradicating acne. Thanks to our revolutionary acne removal technology, you no longer have to wonder about this problem. With our procedure, you can eliminate this condition easily to achieve a flawless, radiant and smooth complexion like never before.

Before and After Photos

With a wealth of experience, expertise, and knowledge in removing acne, Geo Aesthetics, can help you attain your skin goals. A blemish-free face is not out of reach with our treatment. View the before and after photos of real people below and get a better understanding of what you can look forward to.

Individual results may vary.

Individual results may vary.

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Individual results may vary.

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As leaders in the industry, we aim to continuously build and grow the valuable relationships we have with our customers, partners and our employees. Our aesthetic services are carefully curated with your needs in mind, and we want to help you achieve effortless and enviable skin. Over 25,000 customers, including influencers and celebrities, have enjoyed the Geo Aesthetics experience — and you can too.

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Geo Aesthetics has been featured by various well-known and highly respected media establishments. Some of these publications include Mediacorp, The Straits Times, Female, Women’s Weekly, Her World, Elle, Cleo and SPH. Geo Aesthetics appreciates being recognised for our comprehensive range of aesthetic services and world-class customer service.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is it so hard to get rid of pimples?

In essence, pimples stem from your pores being clogged with dead skin cells, bacteria and sebum (oil). But they are so difficult to eliminate as there are so many different factors that can lead to their formation. These factors range from basic hygiene to hormonal imbalances.


2. Are there any other environmental or lifestyle factors that make it hard to get rid of pimples?

Yes, your skin is also affected by the environment, as well as your medication, dietary, and beauty habits. One of the common causes is high glycemic index foods, which tend to cause rapid blood sugar spikes. Elevated blood sugar levels encourage your body to release a hormone called insulin. Excessive levels of this hormone can prompt your oil glands to produce more oil and hence increases the risk of acne. Using dirty makeup tools and brushes, not removing makeup completely, accumulation of grease from your hair (like your fringe) and constant facial contact with germ-ridden hands are other typical causes.


3. Can I try using topical creams to tackle pimples?

Sometimes, topical ointments can work. However, they are not always the best solution, especially if you are faced with stubborn zits.


4. Is there a more effective method of getting rid of pimples?

A more effective method is through our new technology. As our process is designed to unclog pores, condense oil glands and kill acne bacteria, it is a long-lasting way to solve the issue beneath the surface and various other forms of breakouts.


5. What is the benefit of going for this treatment?

This procedure comes with absolutely no downtime at all. You would not have to worry about the hassle of moving around your schedules.


6. How quickly can I get rid of pimples with this professional treatment?

You will start to see visible results in as early as three weeks following the session. The quality of your skin and targeted areas will continue to improve with each session. Besides less swelling and redness, you can also observe a smoother complexion.


7. Will I see results after my session?

Yes. While it depends on the individual’s desired outcome, most of our clients  are always satisfied with the achieved results.


8. Will I experience any damage or scarring when I get rid of pimples with this method?

No, you will not. The conventional method is through painful extraction and needles, which can increase the risk of scarring. However, you will not experience any of that with our advanced non-invasive technology, which can perform the task safely and effectively. It does not permeate your dermis layer and hence, it is a very safe and proven method.


9. Is there any sensation of pain when I get rid of pimples with this treatment?

Not at all. Our acne removal treatment is completely painless.


10. Is there any downtime after this treatment?

You can immediately return to your usual activities and skincare routines after your session. While your complexion may appear slightly pink for about 15 minutes, you can resume your daily activities and even return to work on the same day without any worries.


11. How do I change my care routine to get rid of pimples on my face?

Apart from adhering to our post-treatment directions, you should also do your best to upkeep a good skincare and beauty regime. Remove your makeup thoroughly, cleanse your face frequently, and wash your makeup tools and brushes weekly.


12. Are there any other lifestyle changes I can make to get rid of pimples on my visage?

Aim to wash your pillows and pillowcases once a week. These are places which tend to accumulate dead cells, dirt, and oil — the culprits of clogged pores and breakouts. You can also start identifying certain foods that may be triggering your breakouts and try to avoid them. Generally, a diet with as little processed foods as possible can go a long way in helping you to nix those bumps.

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