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How to Close Pores on Face

Have you been trying to cover up your enlarged pores with heavy makeup? Perhaps you have also attempted to reduce the size of them with store-bought creams and serums or natural home remedies but to no avail.

The truth is that it can be tough to erase unsightly holes on your own, especially if they have been in that state for several years. While certain products may aim to minimise the appearance, they usually take a long time to produce even the slightest effect. They are formed due to various factors, such as acne, oily skin, sun damage, and an accumulation of dirt. Even with frequent cleansing and exfoliation, they may stay that way if you just happen to be born with uneven complexion.

If you are searching for a safe, effective, and long-lasting solution, you have come to the right place. Our revolutionary procedure is designed to significantly reduce the issues and help you to obtain a smooth and flawless complexion.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What causes enlarged pores?

Most of your body is covered with hair follicles, which are surrounded by tiny holes. They enable perspiration to leave the body and hence, aid in keeping you cool. So, what makes those holes appear enlarged? Firstly, genetics can play a huge role in their sizes. It is not uncommon for individuals to have inherited it from their parents and have family members with the same condition.

Secondly, those with oily skin will be more prone to having them as oil tends to thicken the skin. Furthermore, when excessive oil, dirt, and dead cells accumulate, the holes can clog up and swell. This will lead to the appearance of uneven complexion. Clogged holes may also trigger acne and blackheads, which can enlarge their size by stretching out the area of each circle.

Age is another contributing factor. As you grow older, you will have reduced elasticity and start to stretch and sag. This can magnify them on your face. Moreover, due to your skin thickening as you age, tiny cells will build up and amplify their appearance.

Lastly, overexposure to the sun over many years can thicken your skin and hence, make them look bigger. With prolonged sun exposure, you will also begin to lose collagen, elastin, and water. This causes your tissues to shrivel and tug at the edges, causing them to sag and appear enlarged.


2. How should I close pores on face?

While some people may be able to reduce their size through store-bought or topical products, such methods can be ineffective on others. If you have oily skin and deep, enlarged holes by nature, you might find it even more difficult to solve the issue due to your genetics. Most of the time, proper remedy is recommended to significantly reduce unevenness. Through advanced technology, our method is able to deliver non-invasive energy to unclog and shrink them. With the new complexion, you can now walk around confidently and not have to rely on makeup to conceal any flaws.


3. What can I expect during the treatment?

Before starting on any procedure, you will meet with our qualified therapists for a comprehensive discussion on the procedure and expected outcome. Your therapist will then guide you through some simple pre-treatment preparation steps. During the process, your eyes will be protected and a cold numbing cream will be applied to your face for comfort. While it is likely that you may feel a slightly heated sensation during the procedure, you will not feel any pain. Depending on the depth and surface area, the procedure will typically last between 15 and 30 minutes. Taking into consideration the pre- and post-treatment preparation, you can expect to spend roughly an hour in the room.


4. How soon can I start to see results?

You can generally begin to see positive results almost immediately. While the results may vary per individual, you can expect to see at least a 30 percent improvement in the few days following the first session. In the next several months, the surface will continue to produce more collagen, which will help in improving the texture and minimising hole sizes. Depending on your desired appearance, you may require a few sessions to achieve renewed and flawless complexion.


5. Will the results last long?

Yes, you can rest assured that the results will be long-lasting. As your skin will be stimulated to regenerate collagen, you can expect to see great improvements to the smoothness and suppleness of your complexion. You will also find that your oil production will be a lot more stable, which can help to keep clogged pores at bay. Your therapist will provide you with an easy-to-follow guide on caring for your skin post-treatment. You are advised to practise good skincare habits, such as regular cleansing and frequent exfoliation to remove dead cells.