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How to Get Rid of Pimples

For anyone who experiences frequent breakouts, you might always be searching for ways to remove acne. Whether your breakouts are triggered by your hormones, stress levels, diet, or everyday regime, acne are something that nobody will ever embrace. Not only does it make you feel self-conscious about your face but it can also prevent you from applying your makeup smoothly. Furthermore, you might have to pile on more products to conceal them almost every day.

There are many DIY hacks and topical creams out there that promise clearance of this condition. However, they are rarely long-term or effective solutions to eradicating acne. Thanks to our revolutionary acne removal technology, you no longer have to wonder about this problem. With our procedure, you can eliminate this condition easily to achieve a flawless, radiant, and smooth complexion like never before.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the most common causes of pimples?

In essence, pimples stem from your pores being clogged with dead skin cells, bacteria, and sebum (oil). They can form at any age and have various triggers. While genetics play a part, your hormones may also lead you to ponder about this concern in one day. Fluctuating hormones, which are common in youths, pregnant ladies, and menstruating women, are a usual cause for breakouts.

Your skin is also affected by the environment, as well as your medication, dietary, and beauty habits. One of the common causes is high glycemic index foods, which tend to cause rapid blood sugar spikes. Elevated blood sugar levels encourage your body to release a hormone called insulin — excessive levels of which can prompt your oil glands to produce more oil and hence increases the risk of acne.

Using dirty makeup tools and brushes, not removing makeup completely, accumulation of grease from your hair (like your fringe), and constant facial contact with germ-ridden hands are other typical causes.


2. How to get rid of pimples efficiently and quickly?

If you experience frequent breakouts, you might often be scouring the Internet for techniques. Pimples make the application of makeup more tedious and can even cause discomfort and significant emotional distress in some people. Whether you are scheduled to give a big speech, pose for a photo shoot, or go out on a date, you will most likely attempt to find out the answer overnight. Sometimes, topical ointments can work. However, they are not always the best solution, especially if you are faced with stubborn zits.

A more long-lasting method that can do the job quickly and effectively is through our new technology. As our process is designed to unclog pores, condense oil glands, and kill acne bacteria, it is a long-lasting way to solve the issue beneath the surface and various other forms of breakouts. Following the session, you will get to show off a clearer, smoother, and more radiant complexion, which can boost your confidence and make the application of makeup so much easier.


3. How quickly can I get rid of pimples?

You will start to see visible results in as early as three weeks following the session. With each session, the quality of your skin and targeted areas will continue to improve. Besides less swelling and redness, you can also observe smoother complexion. Depending on the individual’s desired outcome, most of our clients will undergo several sessions, but they are always satisfied with the achieved results.


4. Will I experience any pain or scarring?

No, you will not. The conventional method is through painful extraction and needles, which can increase the risk of scarring. You will not experience any of that with our advanced non-invasive technology, which can perform the task safely and effectively. The method does not permeate your dermis layer and hence, it is a very safe and proven method.

Furthermore, cold gel will be applied before process and your eyes will be protected by safety goggles throughout the procedure. Although you might feel a slightly heated sensation, the entire procedure is painless and will usually not take longer than 30 minutes.


5. Is there any downtime?

One of the advantages is that you can immediately return to your usual activities and skincare routines after your sessions. While your complexion may appear slightly pink for about 15 minutes, you can resume your daily activities and even return to work on the same day without any worries.


6. How can I prevent breakouts from happening again?

Wondering how to remove acne permanently? Well, apart from adhering to our post-treatment directions, you should also do your best to upkeep a good skincare and beauty regime. Remove your makeup thoroughly, cleanse your face frequently, and wash your makeup tools and brushes weekly.

Aim to wash your pillows and pillowcases once a week, as these are places which tend to accumulate dead cells, dirt, and oil — the culprits of clogged pores and breakouts. Moreover, you can start identifying certain foods that may be triggering your breakouts and try to avoid them. Generally, a diet with as little processed foods as possible can go a long way in helping you to keep bumps at bay.