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How to Remove Dark Eye Circles

Panda bears may look cute but the same can’t be said when you are suffering from panda eyes. They are one of the most common woes experienced by both women and men. Often accompanied by puffy eye bags, they can make you look exhausted and add dullness to your overall appearance.

There is a range of factors contributing to the formation of this condition. While they are commonly associated with lack of sleep and chronic stress levels, they can also occur due to hereditary genetics and sun damage.

They can be rather difficult to get rid of, especially if you have been suffering from them for a really long time. One of the most popular ways to minimise the ugly appearance is to pile on concealers and colour-correcting products. Although this is a quick and easy method to hide them, it is only a temporary solution that will not eliminate the issue.

If you want a long-lasting solution can can treat safely and effectively, our advanced non-invasive procedure can deliver just that. It’s time to wake up to refreshed and bright-looking eyes.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What causes dark eye circles?

One of the most common causes is lack of sleep. Whether it is due to a restless night or sleeping too late, sleep deprivation can cause dilation of the blood vessels under your eyes, which gives a darkened hue in those areas.

Additionally, those who are frequently frazzled might discover more noticeable condition, as more blood will be directed to your essential organs in times of stress. This leaves your face looking pale and listless, making them more visible. When you are stressed out, the capillaries around your eyes can disrupt, which pools under the skin, oxidises, and then forms a tint.

They may also be triggered by sun damage, as overexposure to the sun can cause pigmentation problems (leading to discolouration) in your complexion. As the area under your eyes is very thin, any changes occurring may appear jarring or prominent. Ageing is another cause due to the fact that your skin will become thinner and lose fat and collagen as you grow older. As a result, any blood vessels around your eye will become more obvious and give a darkened appearance.

As the area under the lower lids is very thin, actions such as rubbing and tugging can also irritate and blacken. Other factors that have been linked to this condition include genetics, allergies, and dietary habits.


2. What should I know about how to remove dark eye circles?

While you can always try to get more sleep to reduce the chances of this condition forming, it can be quite difficult to cure this particular spot. This is because the area under your eyes is extremely thin and hence, can get irritated easily and react negatively to even the slightest change or action. Moreover, they can be a result of genetics, as some individuals may be more susceptible to developing this condition. You might have also inherited them from your parents. With all these factors coming into play, some of which are not within your control, it can be difficult to permanently remove panda eyes.


3. Why should I consider treatment?

Getting enough sleep can reduce the appearance but it might not eliminate them entirely. You might find that eye creams and serums also have limits, as they can only treat the surface and not target deeper into the actual problem. It can sometimes take years to finally see the slightest improvement after using topical products and making lifestyle changes. Very often, the most effective way to eliminate them is through an advanced procedure, which is what we offer at Geo Aesthetics. You will no longer be questioned by your friends and colleagues about whether you’ve gotten enough rest, and you won’t have to rely on concealers to make you look awake.


4. How soon can I start seeing results?

The good thing about our method is that you can typically expect to see improvement to your under-eye area almost immediately. In the days following your procedure, you can continue to observe more noticeable differences, such as a lighter tone under your eyes and enhanced radiance to your targeted areas. Depending on your ultimate goal, you may require several sessions to achieve highly refreshed and youthful-looking eyes. Overall, you can expect to achieve a more youthful and vibrant appearance by the end of your course.


5. What is the recovery time like?

Another great thing about is that you do not have to wait days or weeks to return to your normal routines. As it is a non-surgical method, there is generally no downtime to this. Your therapist will also provide you with simple aftercare directions to aid in your progress.

Besides avoiding overexposure to the sun in the days following the process, you are also advised to practise good skincare habits like applying sunscreen and moisturising regularly. Avoid tugging at or rubbing your eyes so as not to aggravate your skin.