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How to Remove Freckles

Are you annoyed with the dark spots peppered on your face? These dark spots, which are also known as freckles, affect many women across all age groups and ethnicities. Although they may seem like a trendy trait rocked by redheads, this unique form of pigmentation can be rather vexing for some women.

Discolourations, which are formed when your surface is exposed to the sun for a prolonged period of time, can make makeup application more troublesome. They can make your complexion look a little “tarnished” and disrupt the colour balance of your complexion. As such, many women use concealers or colour-correcting products to cover up their condition and even out their colour tone.

While there is nothing wrong with using makeup to conceal your dark patches, it is simply a temporary fix. Plus, the use of over-the-counter creams may not always be quick and effective in eliminating this condition. This is when our advanced pigmentation procedure can help.

Using non-invasive energy to target stubborn dark marks, our method will enable you to achieve a brighter, fairer and speckless complexion. You no longer have to keep trying ineffective methods to reach your goal.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do freckles develop?

They are a result of hyperpigmentation, which occurs when there is an overproduction of melanin in you. Your complexion will naturally produce melanin pigment to safeguard itself from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. Melanin consists of cells called melanocytes, which tend to spread out on the surface. For some people, the melanocytes spread out evenly, giving more of a tanned appearance or some patches of darkened colour. For others, the melanocytes will bunch or clump up together and give a “peppered” effect of pigments.

Although they are commonly seen on the face, they can also appear on other parts of the body (like the neck and back) that experience frequent exposure to the sun. While people of darker-coloured tone can develop them, the condition is extremely common in those with fair complexions. This is because fair-skinned individuals have less melanin in their complexion, so when excessive melanin is produced, the dark pigmentation appears as sprinkles instead of an even “suntan”.

And although they can affect anyone, it is usually genetic and passed down from your parents. They can develop from a benign mutation of a pigment-modulating gene called MC1R. This gene is most commonly found in Celtics, but it can also span across other ethnicities such as Chinese, Japanese, and Israelis.


2. Why should I remove freckles with your procedure?

If you carry the freckle-triggering gene, it can be pretty difficult to avoid getting the condition altogether. This is made even more difficult if you are residing In Singapore, where it is sunny year-round. Covering up your discolouration with heavy concealers and various makeup products is not only a hassle but it can also drain your wallet quickly.

Moreover, creams and serums that you purchase from the store often take effect very slowly and can take years before you actually see results. Not all of them are effective in giving you a positive outcome either. This is why eliminating them for good often takes more than just over-the-counter products. You can opt for an advanced procedure in a safe, effective, and permanent way.


3. How to remove freckles safely and effectively?

Our pigmentation procedure taps on the latest technology to target stubborn dark spots on your complexion. The method delivers non-invasive energy to heat up and break up dark pigmentation within the layers. The small dark pigmentation fragments will then rise to the surface and start to flake away over time. No needles, surgical equipment or supplements will be administered during the procedure. It is a low-risk process that does not thin, harm or scar your tissues. As it can also reach deeper into the layers than many other products or peels on the market, you can be assured that it will deliver effective results.

During the procedure, you may feel minor heat or light snapping on you when the applicator comes into contact with your targeted areas. However, you do not have to worry about any pain as it is a very comfortable and non-invasive procedure. Taking into consideration the pre- and post-treatment preparation, you can expect to spend at least one hour in the room.


4. What results can I expect?

Within the first few weeks of the procedure, you can expect to see slight improvement on your targeted areas. Your pigmentation would already have lightened slightly during this period. Depending on the darkness or severity of your condition, you might need to schedule several sessions to achieve your desired appearance. You can expect to observe significant improvement to the brightness, fairness, and overall radiance of your complexion after just a few months.


5. What is the recovery process?

One of the advantages about this procedure is that you will not need any downtime. In fact, most clients are able to continue on with their week without much fuss post-treatment. With that said, you should expect to see pinkness on your surface for about 20 minutes after each session. It is best that you avoid exposure to the sun as much as possible and apply sunscreen in the days following your session. Your therapist will provide you with essential post-treatment care instructions to facilitate your progress.