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How to Remove Pimple Scars

Acne may cause annoyance but if you are not careful, they can develop into something much worse. The frustrating thing about pesky pimples is that they can lead to unsightly marks on the surface. And the most frightening part? They can sometimes be permanent.

Whether your condition appears as pockmarks, blotches, or raised bumps, we can all agree that this issue is an absolute pain to deal with. Apart from piling on makeup, you might have used dozens of different over-the-counter or prescription products to erase your depressions. Perhaps you might have also tried natural remedies at home in hopes of eliminating awful-looking holes.

If having a smooth complexion is your dream, look no further than our advanced procedure. We tap on the latest technology to target and cure your your condition safely and effectively through non-invasive energy. In just a few sessions, you will be able to realise your dream of having smoother and more radiant look. We recommend you to go for our advanced method today.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What causes acne scars?

Acne are formed when your pores get clogged up and inflamed with excess sebum, dirt, and bacteria. Inflammation cause your pores to swell and hence, will create lesions in your follicle wall. Consequently, the infected elements will spread out into your dermis and wreck healthy tissue.

Naturally, you will begin to create new collagen fibres — in the form of scar tissue — to restore suppleness and elasticity. However, your repair work will rarely give a smooth and flawless effect (as compared to how it looked like pre-breakout). The result is usually raised bumps (keloid scars) or depressed craters (ice pick and boxcar scars).

You can usually tell if they will cause holes. Highly inflamed bumps are highly likely to cause depressions. If your breakouts are deep, spread over a larger area, or take a long time to heal, you will be more susceptible to scarring. In addition, picking at and squeezing them can cause this problem as there will be deeper lesions and more damage within your tissues.


2. How can I benefit from your procedure?

Holes on your face can be an embarrassing and troublesome issue to live with. Many people will try different means to get rid of these unsightly pits, such as using over-the-counter or prescription creams, which are not always effective in the long run. Most of these creams simply sit on your surface, which means that not a lot of the product will be absorbed at the end of the day.

The temporary (and easiest) option is to attempt to conceal the pits with heavy makeup. However, unless you heap on multiple layers of concealer and foundation, the condition can still show through, especially if they are deeply pitted. Plus, piling on makeup inhibits your ability to breathe and may clog up your pores even further, leading to new breakouts.

All in all, removing the holes through an effective method can save you a lot of money long-term as you will be less likely to splurge on dozens of cosmetics and mediocre products. You will also find it less of a hassle to wake up each day without having to apply more makeup than necessary just to cover up unsightly marks. You can even head out of the house confidently without makeup on!


3. Why should I opt for this particular treatment to remove pimple scars?

Our advanced procedure is a safe and highly effective solution to solving problematic pits and marks on your face, no matter your skin type. We use non-invasive energy (no surgery!) to target and reach deep pits and bumpy marks left behind by inflammation. The procedure will only target a portion without disrupting surrounding healthy tissue. This enables you to heal quickly and generate collagen for healthy repair. Over several sessions, you will get to experience smoother and more even texture alongside enhanced radiance.


4. Can you tell me more about how to remove pimple scars?

Firstly, you will meet with our qualified therapists who will assess your condition and brief you about the procedure and potential outcome. Before the procedure starts, you will go through simple pre-treatment steps in order to prime you for the session. Numbing cream will be applied for comfort. During the procedure, you can expect to feel a slightly heated sensation on your surface once the applicator comes into contact with your intended targeted areas. While the procedure may typically take around 30 minutes, you should expect to be in the room for at least one hour, taking into account the pre- and post-treatment preparation.


5. When can I start seeing results?

While results may vary with each individual, most of our clients start to notice improvements after their first session. With each session, you will continue to see more significant improvements to the smoothness and suppleness of your complexion. You will continually produce collagen and gradually expunge the depressions for up to six months post-treatment. You can expect to observe improvements of about 30 to 70 percent through the procedure. Depending on the depth and severity of your condition, you may need to go through several sessions to gain the most ideal results.