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Jaw Reduction in Singapore

Most people want a slim face with a soft-looking jawline. A gentle jawline is highly coveted around the world as it can significantly improve your appearance and match any hairstyle and neckline. It can also make you look more youthful and feminine.

To give their jawline a softer appearance, some women tap on heavy makeup to contour their facial structures. There are even facial exercises that claim to enable you to obtain a gentler shape. For those who want more drastic changes, they might resort to reconstructive surgery such as bone shaving, which involves “shaving off” the bone structure. Such surgeries are generally more complicated than other types of procedures and hence, there will be a high risk of complications. Patients might suffer from infections, chin paralysis, or facial nerve disorders.

If the thought of undergoing painful and risky surgery scares you, you might want to opt for our non-invasive face slimming method. You can now achieve a gentler and slimmer shape, without ever having to go under the knife.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some of the benefits?

A gentle jawline is one of the most coveted features around the world. Alongside a slim shape, a soft jawline can enhance your appearance by making you look more youthful, feminine, and attractive. Many women rely on makeup like bronzing powder to contour and get the illusion of a slimmer visage. Some people even try facial exercises, facial creams or facial slimming masks in an attempt to obtain more delicate features. Most people skip all these time-consuming (and sometimes ineffective) tactics altogether.


2. What can you expect from jaw reduction in Singapore?

The conventional method involves “shaving off” the outer layers of the jaw using surgical micro-saws or laser saws. Patients who undergo such bone shaving procedures will be administered with anaesthesia and have incisions made inside their mouths before the sawing process begins.

As bone shaving is considered a surgical procedure, patients must be prepared for the risks and side effects that may come along with it. Apart from anaesthesia complications and infections, bone shaving surgery can expose patients to scary side effects such as facial nerve damage and chin paralysis. When the facial nerves in the lower half of your face are damaged, you may experience asymmetry or sensation loss. In some cases, patients may even lose the ability to control their lower lip.


3. Is there such a thing as a non-surgical jaw reduction in Singapore?

Yes. Contrary to popular belief, this procedure does not always have to involve surgery. With the advanced technology available today, you will not have to resort to surgery to obtain a beautiful jawline.

The non-surgical procedure at Geo Aesthetics enables you to achieve a softer and more symmetric jawline, all without incisions, needles or surgery.

We utilise the latest non-invasive technology to generate uniform heat beneath your skin surface. This prompts a thermal reaction in your skin tissues and hence, engages your body’s natural repairing properties. As a result, your skin will gain a boost in collagen and elastic fibres, which will lead to smoother and tighter visage. This process simultaneously works to destroy the volume of fat cells in your targeted areas, which can help to contour and slim your facial structure. Once your fat cells have collapsed, your body will process and eliminate them through its natural metabolic activity. You can now achieve the highly coveted V-shaped face without having to go through risky and painful surgery.


4. What can I expect during the procedure?

Before the process, our qualified therapist will assess your skin condition and determine the type of handpiece to use. You will also be prepped with gentle cleansers. Your therapist will start to apply the handpiece to your targeted areas in a nice, slow and steady motion. During the procedure, you may feel consistent warmth on your skin, but you can rest assured that this sensation is painless and harmless. It is simply the effect of the device tightening your skin and breaking down stubborn fat cells.

The procedure will last for about 10 to 20 minutes, after which your skin will be cleansed and moisturised. You can expect to spend an estimated total of 45 minutes in the treatment room, taking into account the pre- and post-treatment preparation. The treatment is absolutely comfortable and non-invasive, and there is typically no downtime following each session. This means that you can even schedule sessions during your lunch break and return to your usual activities thereafter.


5. Will the results last long?

Yes, the results are definitely long-lasting. Through the treatment, your skin will continually receive an enhanced collagen boost, which will spur the production of elastic fibres. Your face will become considerably firmer and tighter by the end of your treatment course. At the same time, the fat cells in your treated areas will be greatly reduced, and this can permanently give you a slimmer and more defined look. Through several sessions that are spanned across a couple of months, you can expect to achieve a more symmetrical and V-shaped visage.