Your Ideal Treatment to Remove Arm Fat

Your Ideal Treatment to Remove Arm Fat

We understand the challenges you may face when it comes to attaining toned, well-sculpted arms. Even after following a healthy diet and exercise regime, you may not see much change reflected in the shape of your arms. While some will resort to slimming creams or cosmetic surgery to achieve perfection, these tend to prove ineffective for various reasons. 

We have a fat removal solution for you: cryolipolysis. Our revolutionary treatment is designed to remove fat cells from your limbs through non-invasive technology that is safe, effective and long-lasting.

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Achieve your dream body with Geo Aesthetics. Our aesthetician team is equipped with extensive knowledge and expertise to help you reach your goals. Check out these before and after images of other individuals who have transformed their figure with advanced slimming techniques.

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Individual results may vary.

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Geo Aesthetics is prominent in the field of body shaping solutions. Our comprehensive suite of treatments has moved more than 25,000+ clients, celebrities and influencers closer towards their dreams of a well-sculpted figure. We believe in developing strong relationships with our customers, staff and business partners to bring benefit to all.

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We have been featured by numerous reputable publications including The Straits Times, Mediacorp, Women’s Weekly, Her World, Elle, Cleo and Female. Geo Aesthetics appreciates the media endorsements that value our pursuit to deliver excellence in our aesthetic solutions and our client care.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes it hard to remove arm fat?

Sometimes, even when you are in a healthy weight range, certain areas of your body might hold on to or show excess fat. Because of the type of fat that is stored there, your arms can be one of the more difficult areas to shred stubborn fat. A sedentary lifestyle, poor dietary and sleeping habits and chronic stress all contribute to fat build-up around your body. Other factors also play a part. For instance, as you age, your metabolic rate will also slow down, so burning calories and losing weight may be even more challenging. Hormonal imbalances may also inhibit your metabolic rate.


2. Can surgery help me to remove arm fat?

Surgery may be a popular method to eliminate fat from targeted areas. However, a nip and tuck does come with a wide range of risks, such as scarring and other scary complications.


3. How can I remove arm fat without surgery?

If you do not feel comfortable with the idea of surgery, you have the option to remove flab through our non-invasive cryolipolysis technique. This revolutionary method of fat removal uses controlled cooling temperatures to eliminate unwanted fat cells from your body.


4. How does this method to remove arm fat work?

The use of cold temperatures helps to specifically target your stubborn fat cells. Several weeks after the procedure, the unwanted cells will shrink and get flushed out by the body’s lymphatic system as waste. It is a low-risk procedure that does not harm your skin or cause bleeding and other complications that commonly occur during surgery.


5. What makes your procedure better than surgery?

Our procedure is a completely safe and painless method to remove unwanted fat. As it is non-invasive, there are no risks that come associated with breaking the skin with surgical blades or anaesthesia injections. Plus, unlike surgery, which requires time to recuperate, the process requires absolutely no downtime.


6. What happens during the consultation before my session to remove arm fat?

You will first meet with our qualified therapists for a consultation. This is the best time to raise your concerns. You will also get a briefing about the process and expectations. There will be pre-treatment preparation steps that your therapist will guide you through.


7. What happens during the treatment session to help me remove fat?

During the procedure, your targeted areas will come into contact with an applicator which will channel cold temperatures to cool your stubborn cells. You may feel a very cold sensation and slight tugging, but it will not be painful. After several minutes, you will begin to feel more comfortable as your skin numbs. The procedure itself can last anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes, depending on your desired appearance.


8. How effective is this method to help me remove arm fat?

The wonderful thing about this procedure is that you will continue to see more improvements a few weeks after your first session. As long as you do not gain excessive weight after the treatment, you will stand to reap excellent long-term results.


9. How can I enhance the effects of this treatment to help me remove arm fat?

Generally, exercising moderately and following a well-balanced diet can ward off weight gain. You should also keep yourself hydrated as water can aid your body in the waste and toxin elimination process. These practices will help enhance your slimming results.

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