Your Quickest Solution to Remove Freckles

Your Quickest Solution to Remove Freckles

Dark spots may appear on one’s skin due to prolonged sun exposure. These spots may disrupt the colour balance, triggering many individuals to use colour-correcting products to cover up their condition. While there is nothing wrong with using makeup to conceal your dark patches, it is simply a momentary fix.

This is when our advanced pigmentation procedure can help. Our method uses innovative, modern technology to combat dark, uneven marks by infusing the serum deep into your dermis. You will achieve a radiant, speckless complexion without opting for temporary methods to look flawless.

Before and After Photos

At Geo Aesthetics, we value your satisfaction as our utmost pride. We help you attain the most flawless, perfect complexion you have always aspired to flaunt. Check out our before and after photos of real people who achieved visible results.

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Individual results may vary.

Individual results may vary.

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Individual results may vary.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do freckles develop?

They are a result of hyperpigmentation, which occurs when there is an overproduction of a pigment known as melanin. Your complexion naturally produces this pigment to safeguard itself from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. For some people, it spreads out evenly and creates a tan. Others will find that the pigment clumps up together to give a peppered effect.


2. Does complexion affect how pigmentation forms?

Yes. While people of darker-coloured tone can develop them, uneven pigmentation is more common in those with fair complexions. Fair-skinned individuals have less melanin in their complexion. When their skin produces excessive melanin, it tends to appear as sprinkles.


3. Can I remove freckles that are hereditary?

Yes. Although the spots can affect anyone, it is usually genetic. They can develop from a benign mutation of a pigment-modulating gene called MC1R.


4. Can I remove freckles with off-the-shelf products?

Creams and serums that you purchase from the store often take effect very slowly and can take years before seeing results. Not all of them are effective either. For much more visible results, you can target them safely and effectively by opting for our procedure.


5. Is there a way to remove freckles without surgery?

Yes, there is! Consider our revolutionary pigmentation removal treatment.


6. How does your procedure remove freckles?

Our pigmentation procedure taps on the latest technology to target stubborn dark spots on your complexion. The method delivers the serum directly into the dermis to break up dark pigmentation within the layers. The small dark pigmentation fragments will then start to diminish, leaving behind a clearer complexion.


7. Does your procedure remove freckles safely?

Yes, of course it does. No highly invasive surgical equipment or supplements will be administered during the procedure. It is a low-risk process that does not thin, harm or scar your tissues. Moreover, you can be assured of effective results as it can reach deeper into the skin layers than many other products or peels on the market.


8. How will I feel when I remove freckles during this procedure?

You may feel minor heat and slight discomfort. However, our therapists will apply a numbing cream to minimise this sensation.


9. How long will I need to spend for one session if I remove freckles with you?

Taking into consideration the pre- and post-treatment preparation, you can expect to spend at least one hour in the room.


10. Can this treatment remove freckles permanently?

Yes, it can. Of course, you would have to take better care of your skin after your treatment by applying sunscreen regularly. Our therapist is able to share any other insider tricks during the appointment.


11. How do I book an appointment to remove freckles?

Booking an appointment is as easy as leaving your particulars in either of the two forms on this page. A consultant will get back to you as soon as possible to help you arrange an appointment.


12. What is the recovery process for this treatment?

You may expect your skin to recover for up to a few days. Nevertheless, most clients are able to continue on with their week without much fuss post-treatment.


13. What is the immediate reaction that I may face once I remove freckles?

You should expect to see pinkness on your surface for about 20 minutes after your session.


14. Can I proceed with outdoor activities immediately after my session?

It is best that you avoid exposure to the sun as much as possible and apply sunscreen in the days following your session. You should also reschedule any post-swimming and sauna sessions until after your skin heals. Your therapist will advise you on all the precautionary measures that you should take after your session.

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