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Our advanced skin lightening approach can clarify your complexion by clearing older layers of excess pigmentation. The multi-action treatment pairs antioxidant solutions with gentle microneedling. This aids in revitalising collagen levels, accelerating cell rejuvenation and lightening your skin tone. You will enjoy immediate results and walk away with a glowing, fairer visage.

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Before and After Photos

At Geo Aesthetics, we have extensive knowledge and vast experience in face brightening to provide you with your desired outcome. View before and after images to see the amazing results from other real people to have an idea of what you can expect.

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Individual results may vary.

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Individual results may vary.

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Individual results may vary.

How Skin Whitening Works

Step 1

Your skin tone is determined by the melanin levels in your skin. However, post-pimple hyperpigmentation, layers of dead skin and excess sebum can further dull your complexion. These prevent you from having fairer skin.

HIW_Face Whitening_1


Step 2

Our aesthetician preps your skin with protective numbing cream before applying Idebenone Gold solutions. This helps to inhibit melanin production and breaks down excess melanin for fairer skin.

HIW_Face Whitening_2


Step 3

Next, our aesthetician expertly treats your skin with microneedling to enhance collagen levels and jumpstart your cell rejuvenation process. This clears away darker layers of pigmented skin to reveal a younger, fairer complexion.

HIW_Face Whitening_3


Step 4

Now, your complexion will radiate from within. You will have clearer skin with a fairer, smoother finish.

HIW_Face Whitening_4

*These illustrations solely represent the procedures provided at Geo Aesthetics.

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Geo Aesthetics is honoured to be featured in many reputable and well-known publications in Singapore. They include The Straits Times, Mediacorp, Her World, Female, Women’s Weekly, Cleo, Elle and SPH. We are very proud to be recognised for our effective aesthetic procedures and exceptional customer service.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know if I need skin whitening?

Simply take a closer look at your face in the mirror under good light. Observe where your complexion has uneven tones. If you have spots or areas that are darker than your overall face, this is an indication of excess melanin. Our treatment will lighten the appearance of these hyperpigmentation areas for a brighter complexion.


2. What kind of pigmentation can skin whitening address?

Our advanced treatment can tackle most types of hyperpigmentation on your visage. Hyperpigmentation refers to pools of excess melanin in the layers of epidermis. There are several factors that lead to such discolouration. Many of our clients with acne issues tend to suffer from post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. It may also be due to overexposure to UV rays, when you spend too much time under the sun without sunscreen. Regardless of the cause, this brightening treatment will help to reveal younger-looking visage.


3. What solutions does this skin whitening process use?

Our revolutionary brightening approach utilises Idebenone Gold solutions in combination with microneedling. Idebenone is an ingredient that has antioxidant benefits that safeguards your cells against damage from environmental aggressors. Damaged cells tend to lead to pigmentation and ageing skin. By protecting your complexion at a cellular level, your visage will stay fairer and brighter.


4. How does microneedling help in skin whitening?

Microneedling is an effective method to stimulate the production of collagen. Collagen is a vital protein in your complexion that contributes to a youthful, wrinkle-free appearance. By boosting your collagen levels, your face will have a firmer texture and appear more luminous. This creates a brighter glow you can be proud of.


5. Is skin whitening safe?

Yes, this approach is definitely safe. We will take the necessary safety measures by sterilising all equipment as well as properly cleansing and priming your face for the treatment. Moreover, the microneedling applicator is uniquely developed to ensure gentle microscopic puncturing without excessive abrasion. In addition, our aestheticians have been trained to carry out this method safely with successful results.


6. Is skin whitening painful?

Varying across different individuals, some have reported little to no pain. Rest assured, our aestheticians will apply numbing cream to doubly ensure your comfort during the session and minimise any discomfort. As the applicator goes over your forehead, hairline and jaw, you may feel slightly uncomfortable as these areas have less fat. You may experience a scratching sensation during the process, but it will not be painful.


7. How long does a skin whitening session take?

One session of our brightening treatment takes no more than an hour and may even end within 30 minutes. This short duration includes the steps to prepare your face for the procedure, as well as the post-treatment briefing for aftercare.


8. Is the consultation for skin whitening compulsory?

Yes! Practitioners will need to speak to you regarding your current health and any medical conditions. It is also important for them to observe the areas for treatment so they can provide you with a more accurate analysis. In this time, you can share with them about your current routine and the products you are using.


9. Does this skin whitening approach have any side effects?

You may experience microscopic wounds after going for our innovative brightening method. Others have also reported minimal redness and irritation that dissipates soon after. However, rest assured, this procedure is safe and these microscopic wounds will heal quickly with no scarring. If you are unsure, speak to our knowledgeable consultants who would be glad to elevate any concerns!


10. How long is the recovery process after skin whitening?

You will need five to seven days to recover after your session. As a minimally invasive method, this downtime allows your face to heal completely from the microwounds. Taking this rest period to partake in aftercare steps helps to speed up your recovery.


11. What aftercare steps do I take after skin whitening?

After your lightening session, be sure to do these aftercare steps to maximise the efficacy of your treatment. First, avoid UV exposure. Stay out of the sun as far as possible, and if you must, use an umbrella and apply sunblock every four hours. Next, skip going for a swim or to the sauna for now — the chemical-heavy pool water may dry out your face. Another tip to practise is frequent application of a lightweight moisturiser. Keeping your complexion hydrated will boost the effects of your lightening session. You can also consider a deep cleansing treatment to keep your face free of blemishes and stave away new hyperpigmentation.


12. How can I book an appointment for skin whitening?

You can choose to fill in the form below and we will get back to you soonest. Otherwise, you can choose to call us and our friendly consultants will be happy to arrange an appointment for you. Another option would be to drop by our outlet and sign up in person..


13. Who can go for skin whitening?

This revolutionary approach is suitable for anyone who is keen to brighten their complexion. Do note that it is not recommended for pregnant women to try this treatment. Simply consult our experts at Geo Aesthetics to clarify your concerns and customise your plan today.

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