Singapore Skin Whitening FAQs

 1. What are benefits of skin whitening in Singapore?

Today, everyone is obsessed with having whiter, brighter and fairer skin complexion, especially in women. People tend to associate whiter skin tone with beauty and elegance. We often see many good-looking models and idols on TV where they are typically being focused on their whitened skin complexion. By going through our skin whitening treatment, you will be able to fulfill your dreams of having a beautiful and fairer skin tone.


2. How fast will I see results from skin whitening in Singapore?

You will see the results as early as 3 weeks after your skin whitening treatment. You will continue to notice further improvements after every session of the treatment. Obvious whitening of your skin or face will be observed after multiple treatments. Most people will require several sessions to get their desired outcomes. Many of our customers are very glad with the results at the end of their skin whitening treatments.


3. Are results from skin whitening in Singapore long lasting?

Yes, they are. If you do your best to follow our post-treatment instructions, your skin tone will remain whitened and lightened. Once your dark pigmentation is removed, it is gone for good.  Our skin whitening treatment is effective and does not have any side effects. The more treatments you go through, the better whitening results you shall get.


4. Is skin whitening in Singapore safe?

Yes, it is. Our skin whitening treatment is performed by qualified experts who are trained in this field. The procedure will not cause any scarring as it does not penetrate the dermis layer of your skin surface. Unlike other skin whitening treatments in the market, our treatment is proven to be very safe and has no downtime at all. You do not have to worry about any side effects associated with our treatment too.


5. What will I expect during skin whitening in Singapore?

Similar to our underarm whitening treatment, this procedure is completely painless and comfortable. Your eyes will be protected by goggles and a cold gel will be applied on your skin. During the procedure, there is a slight sensation of heat but painless. The whole process will last around 15 – 30 minutes, depending on the darkness of your skin tone and the size of treated area. Many of our clients prefer to come in for their skin whitening treatments during their lunch hours or breaks.


6. Can I return to normal activities after skin whitening in Singapore?

Yes, you can. After your skin whitening treatment, your skin may become slightly pink for up to 15 – 30 minutes. You can immediately go back to your normal activities and apply your usual skin care products. Majority of our clients return to work and continue their daily routines on the same day after completing their skin whitening treatments.